The Finance Investment Group Graduate Programme

The FIG Graduate Programme offers an outstanding opportunity for graduates to understand how a finance company operates from the inside out.  You’ll spend time rotating around the key parts of the business, learning the ins-and-outs of finance, and picking up lifelong skills as you go.  It’s a superb opportunity to kick start your career. 



This is the ‘sales’ side of the business where all our loans are generated.   The Acquisitions team work closely with our dealers and clients, assessing loan applications and helping to make good deals happen.  Here's what you'll learn:

•  How to assess applications

•  How the loan draw down process works

•  How to maintain dealer and client relationships

•  Understanding our responsibilities under AML, The Responsible Lending Code, CCCFA and Privacy Act


Our Collections team work with our clients to maintain the loan over its life time.  They help clients keep their loan on track and ensure that the money is collected for the business.  You'll learn about:

•  How to manage a portfolio of clients

•  Customer service skills

•  Understanding the collections process

•  Negotiation skills

•  Managing difficult conversations

•  Understanding the repossession process

•  Identifying applications for hardship

•  Understanding our responsibilities under AML, The Responsible Lending Code, CCCFA and Privacy Act


Our Risk team is responsible for assessing and monitoring the risks across the business and reviewing the implications of the actions and decisions made.  You'll learn about:

•  Audit loan requirements which ensure compliance with credit policy

•  What are the key risks to the business

•  How can risk be mitigated in a finance company

•  How to deal with situations that are ‘outside the box’

•  Understanding our responsibilities under AML, The Responsible Lending Code, CCCFA and Privacy Act

My On Road plan (MORP)

This is our innovative programme which offers an easy membership-based maintenance package to help members keep their vehicles on the road.

The MORP team works with dealers, garages and clients. It signs up new members and administers their benefits. Here's what you'll learn:

• How to develop customer and supplier relationships

• Effective sales skills

•  Analytical skills to ensure our product remains relevant, attractive and competitive


Our Legal team takes over to recover the debt in the situation of a loan going ‘bad’.  You'll learn about:

•  Understanding the legal process

•  Complying with key legislation including the District Court Act and Summary Proceedings Act

•  Understanding security at risk

•  Understanding our responsibilities under AML, The Responsible Lending Code, CCCFA and Privacy Act

Development is key

We won’t just throw you in the deep end because we truly understand the importance of training and development.  Our very own ‘Monsters University’ runs regularly and is a great way to find out about the things that matter across the business;  we have a Leadership Development Programme for our high flyers; and to prove we’re serious, everyone has an annual $5,000 training allowance!

Cultural Integrity

We have a very special culture here at FIG with a strong set of values that underpin everything we do.  Our team say it’s just like a big family.   Our clients love us too because we really do care and go the extra mile.  We’re super proud of the fact that in our most recent customer survey, 100% of our clients said they would recommend us!

Long term Opportunities

Our business is growing from strength to strength and we have lofty goals which we’d love to tell you about.  Suffice to say it’s our intention to truly become a household name and we’re well on track to get there.

As you work through the business you’ll find the areas that ‘float your boat’ and where you excel.  As we head into our next phase of growth there will be opportunities galore and, if you’ve got what it takes, we’ll want you to be part of it.  We have numerous success stories of people who have worked their way up through the business and are now in very senior roles and many others who are on the way … and we want more!