Our Values

These six values do a pretty good job of summing up what's important to us, and how we aim to operate.

We're all-round good sorts

We’re all in this together and we have each other’s back.   We’re about treating people with respect, taking responsibility and keeping a sense of humour.  (Drama kings & queens aren’t tolerated!)

We're Trusted and Straight up

We’re open, we’re honest, we’re 200% ethical and we always do the right thing.  If there’s an issue, we raise our hand and discuss it – then we can work together on the solution.  Communication is central to everything we do – we keep each other in the loop, we trust each other and encourage everyone to share their thoughts early.  

We Grow Great People

We work really hard to employ fabulous people. Energy, optimism, flexibility, creativity, diversity and a not-so-serious streak are all highly valued. We’re informal but focused, and truly value ideas and execution. Personal development is actively encouraged and cheered on.  We love to have fun and celebrate together when we do well.

We deliver a truly awesome customer experience

Our products and services empower our customers and genuinely add value, keeping them in the driver’s seat and wanting more.  We listen to our customers and we work with them.  We put the ‘cherry on top’ by going the extra mile and making sure they get what they want and need.  We know we’re doing a great job when our customers refer someone to us, or come back for more.

We're innovative, creative and quick off the mark

We’re always looking for new and better ways of doing things.  We’re not afraid to try things out - or of making the odd blunder and learning from it.  We’re always on the ball and aware of what’s happening around us, so we can quickly grab the opportunities that come our way.  We see change as an opportunity not a threat.

We care

We do what’s right by those around us – our customers, our colleagues, our dealers, our suppliers and our shareholders.  We listen, we empathise and we help.   Even if we need to have a tough conversation, we do so with the utmost respect and care.